brag.jpg Total Subscribed Dalmatians: 215
AKC BISS CH / UKC CH Rim Rock's Heads I Win RN Yes
AKC BISS CH Black Thorn Lucas' Legend RE NJW Thd CGC NAP TDI Yes
AKC BISS Ch./CKC BISS Ch. McDottie Keenen Irish Jigs Yes
AKC Ch. /CKC Ch. McDottie Confetticini Scout, TT, TDI, CGC Yes
AKC Ch. /CKC Ch McDottie Einsteinium Scout, TT Yes
AKC Ch. Kingdom's Called To Duty Yes
AKC Ch. McDottie Keenen Sounda Bugle Yes
AKC Ch. McDottie Keenen Striket Rich Yes
AKC Ch. McDottie's Irish Guard No.
AKC CH. McDottie's Lotsa Spots Irish Sun Yes
AKC Ch. McDottie's Ray of Irish Sunshine Yes
AKC Ch./CKC Ch. McDottie Robynpond's Gabriel Yes
AKC Ch./CKC Ch. PatchMT Kelly's Sunshine Yes
AKC Ch./CKC Ch. Robynpond Scout Red Hawk, CD, CGC Yes
AKC Ch./UKC BIS Ch. Firemark N McDottie's Latest Gadget Yes
AKC Ch./UKC BIS Ch. McDottie Irish Arrow of Sunshine Yes
AKC Ch./UKC BIS Ch. McDottie Sunshine On Irish Shoulders Yes
AKC GCH /UKC CH Rim Rock's Raise Your Glass Yes
AKC GCH INT/UKC CH Starseeker N Brooksides Belagio, CGC, TT Yes
AKC GRCH. McDottie Pass Shoot Score Yes
AKC GRCH./UKC BIS Ch. McDottie's Tasting the Rainbow Yes
AKC GrCh/UKC Ch Woodwynd Sweet Tea Yes
AKC/UKC Ch Kingdom's Twist Of Fate, CGC, TDI Yes
AKC/UKC Ch Woodwynd Fair Play Yes
AKC/UKC Ch Woodwynd Hocus Pocus Yes
AKC/UKC Ch Woodwynd Veuve Clicquot Yes
AKC/UKC GRCH Rim Rock N Siobahn Keepin' Bizzi Yes
AKC/UKC GRCH Rim Rock's Easy Ryder Bags Yes
AKC/UKC Gr Ch Woodwynd Wallstreet Explosive Moment Yes
AKC/UKC GrCh Woodwynd Dappled Tyrodal RD Yes
AKC/UKC/Int Ch Woodwynd Dotter's Eagle Scout Yes
Am/Can/UKC Ch Woodwynd Ghost Of Gotha Yes
Anticipation N Centurion Hoogerland On The Rivet Yes
BIS UKC/AKC CH Woodwynd Rosa Regale Yes
BIS UKC/AKC Snow Hill N Satin's Hey Jude Yes
BISS AKC GCH/UKC BIS Ch Country N Rockstar's Fortunate Son Yes
BISS CH Prestige's Another Day In Paradise Yes
BISS CH Troikas Sweetheart On Parade Yes
BISS GCH CH Anticipation Here's Lucy! Yes
BISS GCH. Coachside Spectacular Bid of Tuckaway Yes
Blackthorn & Patch Mtn's ZEN at Lucas Legend Yes
Bret D N Engine Co Shooting Star Yes
CH Amera's Master Craftsman RN Yes
Ch. Bret D N Engine Co Rising Star Yes
Ch. Bret D N Monarch N Serenity Bay Thomas Magnum PI Yes
Ch. Bret D N Troika N Engine Co Timeless Keepsake Yes
Ch. Bret D Pokatalica Malibu Rose Yes
Ch. Bret D Sentry's Ringmaster Yes
Ch. Bret D Sergeant Major ROMX Yes
Ch. Bret D Sundell Lord Maxwell Good To The Last Drop Yes
Ch Calvary's Flight Commander CGC, CAT Yes
CH. Coachside Winning Colors of Tuckaway Yes
Ch. Cyncar Head Coach of Croatia ROM Yes
Ch. Dalcona Living Color Bret D Yes
CH Dracorn Dulcinea Yes
Ch Driftwood The Last Airbender, CD, RN, CGC Yes
Ch. Engine Co Flashover Bret D Yes
Ch. Engine Co N Bret D Aiming For The Top Yes
CH Espioti Fibonacci's Legacy Yes
CH Espioti Starchart's Wynter Solstice CA CGC Yes
CH Espioti's Elementary Deduction CGC Yes
CH Fiacre's I'll Have Another At Rim Rock Yes
Ch. Gaelic's Grandpops Last Call Yes
Ch Gaelic's Heartbreak Hotel Yes
Ch. Gaelic's News At Eleven Yes
CH Heegee's Reflection Of An Angel Yes
CH Juju's Breakaway Lance At Rockledge Yes
Ch. Korcula Midnight Star Bret D Yes
Ch Lotsa Spots Red Riders High Hopes Yes
Ch Melody Texas Troubadour Yes
CH Monarch Snow Hill Aces High No.
CH Monarchs Could This Be Magic Yes
Ch NSpird Show- Off! Troy Yes
CH Noble Archer Of Rockledge BN RE NA CGC Yes
CH Noble N Rockledge Heart Of Stagecoach, CA, CGC Yes
Ch Nspir D Hollywood Legend Yes
Ch NspirD Rain Dance Maggie Yes
Ch NspirD Spotsafire No Worries Mate!! Yes
Ch OBX N Starwood's Skatin On Finn Ice Yes
Ch OBX What You Talkin About Yes
CH Prestige N' Surfer's Beach Bum Yes
CH Prestige's Invisible Touch Yes
Ch Rim Rock N Siobahn Have A Ball Yes
Ch Rim Rock N Siobahn ThatWouldBME Yes
Ch. Rockstar's Twisted Logic Yes
Ch Roundrobin Cool Jazz at Wdwynd CD Yes
CH Royalty Nadia's Spirited Lost Art CA RD RATN Yes
Ch Shamrock N Erin's Cuchulain No.
Ch Shamrock N S.Xposur Rocket Man Yes
Ch Siobahn Kentucky Gentleman Yes
Ch Smiln Dal's Flying Solo Yes
Ch Smiln Dal's Kindred Spirit Yes
Ch. Snow Hill Indy Bret D Yes
Ch Snow Hill Tabasco Yes
CH Snow Hill Timeless Monarch Yes
CH. Snow Hill's Reigning Monarch Yes
CH Spotted Bliss Just A Little Newton Yes
CH Starchart's Nicholas Copernicus, CGC Yes
Ch Starwood's Rebelation Man CD, RE, CGC Yes
Ch Starwood's Twist And Shout, CGC Yes
Ch Starwood's Willow by the Sea, CD, RA, CGC Yes
Ch Troika Serendipity Yes
CH Troika's Adagio Yes
Ch. Troika's American Classic Bret D Yes
Ch Troika's Ballet Russe Yes
Ch Troika's Life Of The Party Yes
CH Troika's Robin Goodfellow Yes
CH Troika's Tempest Yes
Ch Troika's White Russian Yes
Ch Troikas Hide N Seek Yes
CH Upton & Brookside's Hot Damn Here I Am, CGC, TDI Yes
CH Upton's Highland Hurrah CGC Yes
Ch Woodwynd Cheshire U Had Me At Hello Yes
Ch Woodwynd Drama Queen CD RE NA NAJ Yes
Ch Woodwynd Holy Terror Yes
Ch Woodwynd Notorious Nineteen CA Yes
CKC Ch. McDottie Black Magix No.
Coachside Americas Of Starwood Yes
Dakota N' Prestige's Take Me Home Yes
Dracorn Cinders Yes
Dracorn Knight Errant No.
Dracorn Raindrops On Roses Yes
Element N SpotsAFire Premiere Dame Of NspirD Yes
Espioti Lost Art's Dolce Koko Paloma CGC No.
Ffld Cty Dals Who's That Girl No.
Firestorm's Dynasty At South Wind Yes
Fyrehouse N Xanadu Mother Confessor BN CD RE CAX RATS Yes
GCH Bret D Gabriel's Lost Art CD BN RAE NA NAJ RD CGCA Yes
GCH Bret D Lost Art Acadia's WoodSong BN RE NA CA THDN CGC Yes
GCh Bret D's Instant Replay At Monarch Yes
GCh Brooksides Minit To Winit Yes
GCH Brooksides The Price Is Right CGC Yes
GCH CH Juju's Bewitching Bailiwick Yes
GCH Ch Koira Guardian Of The Longbow No.
GCh Ch Troika Twilight Bret D Yes
GCH CherMar's Princess Perdita Yes
GCH Canal-Side's Gianna Of Manchester Yes
GCH Erin N' Gibson's Summer Treasure Yes
GCH Juju's Busy Being Fabulous Yes
GCH Kastle's Go Speed Racer Yes
GCH NspirD Dream Weaver Irish Lace RN CA Yes
GCH Nspird Spotsafire Its A Wrap Yes
GCH OBX Shootin The Breeze With Starwood Yes
GCH OnTheSpots Chase Me Charlie Yes
GCH Onsengeltje Enough Said Yes
GCH Prestige's Both Sides Of The Story Yes
GCH Rockstar Thanewood Freewheeling Yes
GCH Starchart's Cassiopeia By Paisley Yes
GCh Starwood's This Little Light Of Mine At OBX Yes
GCH SunnyOaks N Thanewood Power Forward Yes
Gaelic's A Reflection Of Sound Yes
Gaelic's Lets Go Dancing Yes
Gaelic's Who Is Lucy's Best Friend? Yes
INT / AKC & UKC GCH Pokatalica 'N Monarch's Queen B (CGC) Yes
INT / AKC & UKC GCH Pokatalica's Cinnamon Twist Yes
INT / AKC CH / UKC GCH Rim Rock N Siobahn's Heads Up Yes
INT CH Kastle Smiln Aerial Response Yes
INT CH Smiln Dal Kastle On The Rock Yes
INT/NA CH Smiln Dal Skies The Limit Yes
INT/UKC RBIS CH Smiln Dals Song Of Solomon Yes
Int. Ch AKC/UKC GrCh Woodwynd Model Tea Yes
MBISS GCH Enchanted Hart Down N Dirty Yes
MBISS GCH Spotted Bliss Oreo Delight CHIC# 92956 Yes
McDottie 'N Siren's Stardust Yes
McDottie 'N Siren's Stargazer Yes
McDottie Dances N Sunshine Yes
McDottie Juno Scout's Honor, CGC, TDI Yes
McDottie Keenen Hvns T'Betsy Yes
McDottie Maggie Mae Juno Yes
McDottie My Wild Irish Rose No.
McDottie N Firemark Gidget Scout Yes
McDottie Nicholas Nickleby Yes
McDottie Patrick Henry Scout Yes
McDottie Remy McKenzie Yes
McDottie Simply Remarkable Yes
McDottie Whatabout Bob Scout Yes
McDottie's Miranda Scout Yes
McDottie's Passion for PepsiJane Yes
Monarch and BretDs All About Tonight Yes
Noble Charles Dickens CD BN RA NAJ Yes
NspirD Bombshell Yes
NspirD Carrying On The Legend Yes
NspirD Some Like It Spot Yes
NspirD SpotsAFire Unscripted Yes
NspirD Wild Irish Rose Yes
OBX And Siobahn's Not Just INE-Body Yes
Paisleys Aura Lucas' Legend Yes
PatchMt & Legend's time for me Yes
Platinum GCH. Ch. Bret D N Engine Co To The Rescue Yes
Rim Rock N Siobahn X's N O's Yes
Rim Rock's Whoa Black Betty Yes
Rowerdennan Noble Kona Kamea By Rockledge CD BN RE NA NAJ NF Yes
Shamrock N Erin Livin'LaVida Loca No.
Shamrock N Nspird Inherit The Wind Yes
Sidecar Mainways Persuasion RATN Yes
Silver GrCh Woodwynd Twelve Sharp CA Yes
Smiln Cielo Royal First Star Yes
Smiln Dal's First Knight Yes
Troika Dracorn Chariot Chaser Yes
Troika N Element Agent Provocateur Yes
Troika Snow Hill As You Like It Yes
Turning Stones Gone With The Wind No.
U-Ch Woodwynd Holy Guacamole Yes
U-GRCH Rim Rock Stocklore Mystic Maks TT Yes
U-SJ Ch Woodwynd All U Need Is Love At Abbey Road CA Yes
UKC Ch. McDottie Hotshot Express Yes
UKC Ch. McDottie Seven Up N Up Scout Yes
UKC CH Rim Rock's U Gotta B Kiddin' Yes
UKC CH Yankee Sebago & Patch MT Miles To Go Monson CGC Yes
UKC/International Ch Woodwynd Mind Body & Spirit CA Yes
Woodwynd U R The One That I Want No.
Woodwynd's High Tea At Crossroads UD AX OAJ Yes

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