Central Indiana Kennel Club, Inc. Saturday 02/11/12
Mastiffs Mrs. Judith V. Daniels Mr. John A. Studebaker (DECEASED) 01/27/12
Rottweiler Mrs. Judith V. Daniels Mrs. Deborah D. Conradt 01/27/12
Toy Mr. Eugene Blake Mr. Paul (Pogo) A. Thomann 11/11/11
Pekingese Mrs. Ruth H. Zimmerman Mr. Eugene Blake 01/27/12
Toy Fox Terr Mrs. Nancy Smith Hafner Mr. Roger R. Hartinger 01/27/12
Fr Bulldog Mrs. Judith V. Daniels Mr. Robert R. Frost 11/11/11

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To produce this list, InfoDog cross references against judge panels received in the previous 91 days (13 weeks) for shows in the next 42 days (6 weeks). This table is for reference only and the specific premium lists and/or judging schedules for the shows listed should be referred to for further information. Each club name is linked to the club page on InfoDog where links to the these documents can be found for MB-F shows. If the show is not an MB-F show, a link to the organization handling the show can be found on the club page.

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